2015: Celebrating 100 Years
of Sato Pharmaceutical

One Hundred years of continuing to advance self-medication.

Since its founding in 1915, Sato Pharmaceutical has always striven to develop and provide the highest quality medical products by applying its own unique skills and know-how.

Sato was founded on the concept of Healthcare Innovation, and we continue to focus our efforts on the development of highly effective OTC and Switch OTC products. At the same time, we are also very active in helping to create the environment in which OTC products can be effectively used as part of consumers’ own self care.

In our ethical pharmaceutical business, dermatology remains the center of our work in providing our own proprietary products. To even better meet unfilled medical care needs, we are applying not only our own internal development, but have also joined in collaboration with domestic and international companies and research institutions as we move into new pharmaceutical development and new fields. Internationally, Sato has continued to expand its business, in Asia but also in North America and Europe, with product strategies and marketing specifically tailored to each market; we are also working to enter new markets.

To fulfill our responsibility in the pharmaceutical industry of providing a secure supply of highquality products, we have continued to expand our network of international and domestic production and distribution centers, creating an efficient supply chain. I’m pleased to add that we have received high praise from our international customers for the global level of our quality control system.

One part of our efforts to create a truly sound company is reducing environmental impact in our production system, and to increasingly use renewable energy an effort we are working to spread across the entire company.

The year 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of Sato Pharmaceutical. Focusing our health products activities on OTC products and ethical pharmaceuticals, we will draw on our near-century of experience as we make every effort to contribute to the increased health of people around the world. We are dedicated to continuing to serve our customers around the globe.

Seiichi Sato
President and CEO
Sato Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.